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Lucy Bennett
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I love this photo series of the things artists request to have backstage, shot in the Flemish Baroque style, by Henry Hargreaves. 

From top to bottom:

Rihanna: Hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time throughout the day. Please be prepared!

Prince: Coffee and tea setup, including honey, lemon, sugar, cream, fresh ginger root. Physician will be used to administer a B-12 injection.

Billy Idol: One tub I can’t believe it’s not Butter!, Pepperidge Farms Soft Baked Nantucket Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Busta Rhymes: Twenty-four pieces of fried chicken, Rough Rider condoms, Guinness.

Axl Rose:Fresh Wonder Bread (white), Dom Perignon

You can check out the rest of the series here: http://www.vice.com/read/henry-hargreavess-photos-of-what-musicians-like-to-eat-and-drink-backstage

I haven’t posted in a while but after visiting Trevor Triano’s website I had to. He’s basically the male version of Adrianna Glaviano, their last names even both end in iano, who can argue with that. 

Director: Luci Schroder

I might as well have made this

love this

I’ve been complaining about the quality of Justin Bieber’s music videos from the beginning but this has put all of my qualms to rest. Ingenious. Not to mention how unbelievably beautiful he looks. Thanks to 3:27 - 3:32 my nipples will never be soft again.